Garrick's History: This has been my experience musician to musician and from musician to audience ever since I was 12 when I fell in love with the music and style of Jimi Hendrix. I taught myself to play guitar by ear, learning Rock songs and the Blues format which led me to writing my own songs beginning at 14. 

Going even further back to Casper, Wyoming, where I was born, the first time I performed for an audience was when, at barely age 3(says my mother), I volunteered to sing at the spur of the moment in front of my whole church congregation and pulled off a simple child's hymn, "Jesus Loves Me". I believe I knew right then and there that this is something powerful. Beyond me, but so right because of the smiles I helped to create. 

From there I took piano lessons from ages 4-6, played string bass in the school orchestra in the 4th and 5th grades, making "All-City Orchestra" (Denver, Colorado) my second year. At age 10, I won an audition spot with the Colorado Chidren's Choir where we performed musicals and eventually performed at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado Springs.  

With the aforementioned inspiration of Hendrix and various other artists, I began writing my own songs and music beginning at 14. I continued to develop as a songwriter throughout my teens into my twenties when I started my first band at 22 to play my original music exclusively. 

It required quite a few years and a few band rosters before I began to learn more about what I was capable of as a vocalist, where until then I always relied on my guitar playing to get me through. This was a period where I saw multiple iconic Blues artists as well as Bruce Springsteen during his "Born In The U.S.A." tours. From there I got out of my own way and continue to improve to this day understanding that "the audience wants you to succeed" so give them something they can FEEL!