Expose Outtakes

Garrick Davis/The Fabulous Funkyband

As with most of the Expose Your Self project, the lyrics were written after the music was produced but titles were already decided on for theme direction.

Recorded completely on a MacBook, we initially used the Garageband app until disaster struck and many original tracks were lost on a bad external hard drive. We then switched to Protools 7.4 saved what we could among the corrupted files and required another 2 years to complete the project.

We built the tracks up with the work of drummer Grant "Slam" Walthall and the keyboard work of Zach Davis, who was 15 at the time the album production began. Garrick layered electric and acoustic guitars.

Eventually Julia Harrell's added percussion and brought in guests performers which include Garrick's parents Ernest and Marie and "Cello" Joe Chang on the title track and the trippy, soaring mostly instrumental "Grey Sky". He added a great cello track to "Walking In To Heaven" but that was lost with the hard drive too.
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